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Shortboard club located in Geraldton WA

Surf Locations

Local Surf Locations

The quality of surf around Geraldton varies according to the time of year. The prime months for waves are from March to October. There is swell on offer from November to February but it is often affected by early strong Southerlies more suited to Kite and Wind Surfing.

Geraldton’s pristine waters boast a variety of surf breaks for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced surfer. The beach breaks at Mahomets’ Back Beach are particularly popular for beginners, offering consistent waves. Greenough River Mouth 10 minutes to the South offers another good beach break throughout the year while Glenfield Beach is accessed through Drummonds Cove, 15 minutes north of town. Sunset Beach/Pipeline are popular during winter when bigger swells create ideal surfing conditions. There are plenty of reef breaks around Geraldton and the best are to the North and South of town mainly accessed by 4wd.

If you have photos of your favourite spot around Geraldton e-mail to [email protected].


West Oz Swell waves are created by distant storms in the roaring 40ies in the Southern Ocean. Swell is created by huge storms where the low pressure systems are the strongest. Sometimes in winter or early spring you can follow one of those low-pressure systems for weeks around the globe, creating swells up to 40 foot. Two years ago a low pressure system went around the globe twice creating one of the biggest swells of the last few years. When the swell arrived in Geraldton, the wave boys where indicating 7 meter swells. Generally it takes about 6 weeks for a low-pressure system to go around the world. The swell gets bigger if the fetch period is longer. In other words, if a low pressure system produces a long time a strong wind, say 80 knots plus, the sea created by the wind gets higher in size. Now, after the sea travels out of the storm field it becomes a swell. The energy of the waves groups together in swell sets. When the waves travel a long time the time between one wave and the other increases. This is called the wave period. A typical summer swell last only for a day or two while a winter swell can last a whole week. The wave period increases to about 14 seconds in an average summer swell while seas have a wave period of less than 7 seconds.


Below is a list of the more popular locations around Geraldton and throughout the Midwest as well as the features of them all.

Jakes Point E-SE SW L Point – SB Gnarly Reef 4M
Bowes River E-NE SW L+R LB/SB Reef 2M
Oakabella E SW R  SB Reef 2.5M
Coronation E-SE W-SW R+L LB Reef/Sand 2-3M
Drummonds SE-NE SW-NW L+R Reef Shallow Reef 2-3M
Sunset E-SE SW-NW L+R Reef Reef 2-3M
Explosives SSE SW-W L Ledge SB Shallow Reef 2-3M
Mahomets ENE SW- W L+R All Sand 1.5M
Greenough E-SE SW-W L+R SB Sand 2M
Flat Rocks E-NE W-SW L+R SB Reef 2-3M
Denison Point E-SE SW L SB Shallow Reef 3-4M


If you would like more control for the above map, you can open it in a new window here.

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