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Shortboard club located in Geraldton WA


Mission Statement

To provide opportunity for individuals to continually develop their skills in the sport of surfing under a professional club structure while acting as a collective voice for the surfing community and caring for the beach and ocean environment.


To assist in providing a clean and safe beach and foreshore environment for all surfers with the philosophy of “Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy”.

Gratefully promote, acknowledge and respect the support given by our sponsors to the club.
Encourage sponsor participation. Facilitate individual sponsorship to promote club allegiance.

Develop a financial base to support club activities and events.
Assist members to access available funding opportunities.
Purchase adequate equipment and provide funds for replacement or enhancement.
Coordinate fund raising events.
Submit applications for relevant grants/ funding assistance available to the organisation.

Provide an environment to encourage participation in events and activities by volunteers, members, parents and sponsors.
Provide access to accredited training for individuals wishing to further develop their surfing related knowledge and skills.
Provide opportunities for club members and volunteers to further their skills in judging, tabulation and beach & surf safety.

Minimise all possible risk for competitors by providing adequate tuition and training where possible.
Advise competitors of environmental elements that may cause hardship in competition.
Carry out a risk assessment prior to each event.
Provide beach marshals and caddies where required to support younger competitors.
Promote beach safety in relation to the sun, smoking and event preparation.
Promote the Healthways Healthy Club policy.
Ensure adequate insurance is provided to financial club members as per the current Surfing Australia Insurance Policy.

Provide an environment for competitors, parents and other members to interact socially to create club unity and strength.
Ensure that communication is adequate to inform all members of coming events and encourage their involvement.
Ensure club and individual achievements are recognised through the use of all media and club letters.

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